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Home » Custom Car Covers » Coverbond-4 Car Covers
Coverbond-4 Car Covers
Avilable Colors:
  • Four layered car covers for ultimate protection

  • Bulky construction for heavy duty performances

  • Designed to provide extra UV protection

  • Best suitable for moderate weather conditions

List Price: $157.54 Upto $391.34
Offer Price: $126.03 Upto $313.07

About Coverbond-4 Car Covers:

Especially designed to prevent ultra violet rays the Coverbond-4 car covers are made of four layers. While the top and bottom layers made of Polyester Spun Bond and Polypropylene Spunbond respectively are high strength fabrics and ensures greater strength and durability of car covers, the 4% UV treated upper middle layer of Polypropylene Spunbond takes care of UV protection. Similarly the lower middle layer of Melt Blown material is excellent water resistant and protects your car from water and rain.

Best for moderate weather conditions, the Coverbond-4 car covers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The bulky construction is very effective in preventing scratches and minor dents. The breathable fabric allows trapped heat and moisture to escape and protects the paint and finish of your car against rust damage. The melt blown fabric used in the custom car covers is a synthetic material made of tiny fibers and works like animal skin - it keeps off water from entering inside but allows moisture and heat to pass out.

Coverbond-4 Car Covers Feature Guide:

  • Made of four layers for better performance
  • Thick an bulky fabric guards against scratches and dents
  • Exceptional UV protection – all the layers are UV treated
  • Strong and durable
  • Greater breathability with middle melt blown layer
  • Dirt/dust proof material
  • Better tensile strength
  • Soft and gentle touch
  • Better water resistance
  • Good heat insulation with melt blown layer
  • No or minimal color fading and enhanced color fastness
  • Shrink and abrasion resistant
  • Convenient to handle: Install, remove and pack
  • Easy to clean - can be hand washed
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